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Inspiring growth with innovative education, mentorship, and coaching for all ages.

Our Programmes

Programmes for children
Programmes for adults
Programmes for professionals
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Our Mission

We are on a journey to create a global education institution, which believes in the individual and the power of technology and lifelong learning and mentoring.

Founded by an innovative lawyer and father of a boy, and a girl, who wants to create an institution that his children will be proud to attend and that he will attend, Harrogate International Academy has had over 1000 students since 2007 and we have two academies over two countries, with more set to open.

We teach over six subjects to students ranging from our youngest at 6 years old to our eldest at 80. Our subjects are delivered by over ten tutors as part of a growing team of experts with decades of experience.

Inspiring tuition tailored to your child’s needs
Regular feedback on your child’s progress
Qualified teachers with years of experience
Guided practice and problem-solving
Engaging and supportive 60-minute sessions
Available in the Harrogate academy or online

Why We Believe in Mentoring

Throughout history, humans have learned most effectively by forming close relationships with masters and mentors, with large groups of children in a classroom setting being a comparatively modern invention. This time-honoured tradition highlights the profound impact of personal guidance and hands-on experience.

From the apprenticeship systems of medieval guilds to the one-on-one tutelage of classical philosophers, mentorship has been the cornerstone of knowledge transfer. These close relationships foster not only the acquisition of skills but also the development of character and wisdom. Guided by a master, learners gain insights that books alone cannot provide, ensuring that the essence of their craft or discipline is passed down through generations with integrity and personal touch.

It is natural for people to seek guidance and it is into the void left by modern education systems that characters like Andrew Tate step. It is often, though not exclusively, young men still finding their place in the world that turn to people like him that offer seemingly easy solutions and advice on health, masculinity, wealth and mental well-being that is rooted in his misogyny and lacks scientific evidence.

This is why we believe that mentorship is key to lifelong learning and growth. Andrew Gray is the master mentor and we are looking for mentors from all around the world who are impressive and experienced.


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